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Gossamer Threads

Woven with Words

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“Things that go away by themselves can come back by themselves.”

Hello and welcome to l_a_c_e , a livejournal community for writing and critique. Your maintainer and moderator for tonight is littlech o.

Please, take your seats and read the rules:

1. Everyone must abide by LJ TOS. No exceptions.

2. Use a Spell Checker. For the sanity of everyone involved, please, use a spell checker, or at least proofread to get out the most heinous of spelling errors.

3. Use NetSpeak and die. Well, you won’t die, but this rather goes hand in hand with rule number one. Not many people, myself included, like to decipher NetSpeak. Similarly, if YoU tYpE lIkE tHiS…go away.

4. Act Mature.  When you critique someone’s work, remember that they have put effort into their writing. I know that this is a foreign concept to some, but flames will not be tolerated.

5. Don’t whine if someone doesn’t like what you’ve written. Remember, you’ve come here of your own free will and have willingly subjected yourself to the opinions of others, no matter what they are. To make sure that you actually read the rules, cheese goes with whine, as mentioned later in the punishment section as well.

6. Cursing is accepted, but in moderation only, please. I make fun of people who use an expletive as every other word, as will many other members of the community.

7. Plagiarizing is a major no-no. This should be simple to understand- don’t post someone else’s work and claim that it is your own.


Now that you’ve read the rules, please read closely as I explain the punishment that could (and will) ensue should you choose to flaunt the rules:

1. If you don’t use a spell checker etc… you will get three warnings. The first will be civil, the second not as much so, and should you do it a third time, there is a definite possibility of a temporary ban. If I do temporarily ban you, then if you email me and ask nicely to be let back in with promises of reform, then I will do so. However, if you don’t learn to use the spell checker, you’ll be permanently banned. I don’t really expect that from you, so no one should seriously have to worry.

2. Flamers are banned immediately.

3. Whiners will be subject to whatever sarcasm the “offender” can come up with. I don’t feel like going through every thread just to make sure someone isn’t being a spoiled little brat. However, if you feel that someone is continually asking for some cheese with his or her whine, report him or her to me and I will deal with it. Somehow.

4. Cursing: Excessive amounts will result in warnings; three and then you’re out temporarily. If you can explain to me, sans profanity, I will be inclined to let you back in. If you can’t, well, then that’s too bad for you.

5. Plagiarizing earns you an immediate, permanent ban, no exceptions.


Thank you for enduring that lovely little bit of necessary information. Now that we’ve gotten past all that, why don’t I tell you a little more about the community.

This is a community where writers of any style, genre or length can come and post, and then get a worthwhile critique of their work. I have made this community with moderated membership, but unless you've really screwed up, you'll get in. As soon as you are in, please, introduce yourself using the form found at the bottom of the user info and start posting!

This community will probably tend toward angst, but happy things are welcome as well. There is no set theme.

After the community grows, and if the members decide that they want it, I will come up with exercises for you to complete. It’s not a competition- only an exercise.

l_a_c_e  will accept poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction, and basically whatever you want.

However, I do ask that you put most of your writing behind an lj-cut. If you don’t know what this is, go to the FAQ to find out.

When introducing your writing, please include the following elements:

  • Title (Or Untitled, if the case may be)

  • Rating (Your rating should be obvious, and if it is an ‘R’ or higher, it must be clearly defined in your Warnings)

  • Prose or Poetry

  • Approximate genre

  • Warnings (If any)


Now that I’ve introduced the community, why don’t I introduce myself? I’m littlecho , and I’m your moderator. I have power over you. I’m also a female adolescent who lives in the US of A and doesn’t really want to move to Europe, actually (unlike so many others). I like writing both prose and poetry, but particularly I like rewriting fairy tales. My favorite band is Seether, but that is subject to change. The word “inanity” particularly interests me, as it means ridiculously stupid or idiotic. Also, it means that I get to correct a lot of people when they ask me if I mean ‘insanity’. :o)

My real name is Sara, and you can feel free to call me by either my username or my real name. My email is shardsofsong@aol.com, and I can be contacted through IM on either AOL IM screen name shardsofsong, or on AIM screen name griensleeves.


Alright, I’ve introduced myself, so why don’t you introduce yourself? Just copy and paste the following form into the update journal box, and you’ll be set!

Real Name (this is optional, but appreciated):
Preferred Style of Writing:
Favorite Band:
What goes with whine:
Your Favorite Word:
My Favorite Word:
Email/IM (this is optional):


Thank you for your time, ladies and gents, and I hope to read your writing soon!


Additional Notes: The journal layout and community icon have been created for your viewing pleasure and convenience by your mod, littlecho .