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Jan. 31st, 2005 @ 08:56 pm

Title- A Walking Ghost (part 1)
Rating- PG 13
Style- prose
Genre- Angstyishness
Warnings- i know there is no punctutation in the middle... you can fill it in if you really wish.... besides that its depressing and suicidal but eye opening

Look into my eyes….

I know what you see when you stare
absolutely nothing
theyre just these swirling grey voids
they are nothing
I am nothing
and because I am such nothingness
 no one notices me
you never did right
I probably passed you a million times
maybe even crashed into you
but you didnt notice  once
you didnt care a bit
no one does
no one has ever even looked up at me
let alone smiled
no one
not you
not them
not anyone
but its fine
im used to it by now
ive grown fond of the struggles
the fights I have with the world
the shit I have to go through just so that im not completely forgotten
the stuff I do for what nothing
I used to think maybe it wasn’t true
I thought people saw me
I saw them right
but no their stares just went through me
my soft hellos were perceived as just the wind
just another noise that rickety school makes
and after a while
it just makes you want to throw your arms into the air
and scream look at me notice me know that I am real
but deep down you know it wouldn’t matter
no one will ever see you
nd suddenly those pills in the cabinet are looking pretty good
that vodka pretty tasty
that knife suddenly sharper
and all you can think is that if they want a ghost so badly youll gladly give them one
and you pick up the pills in one hand
and the drink in another
place the knife in front of you…

Maybe they’ll notice now….
why am i the only one posting on here? post people post